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Dr. Olusola Akinyele, a renowned mathematician, was born on May 11, 1944. He attended Ibadan Boys High School, Nigeria from 1958 to 1962. He was awarded scholarships to attend the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics in 1968 (Magna Cum Laude). He obtained his Ph.D. at the same University with another scholarship and graduated on June 26, 1971.

After getting his Ph.D., he met and married his wife, Elizabeth Akinyele, and they were blessed with six children.

He joined the Department of Mathematics at the University of Ibadan in 1971 as a Lecturer and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1978. From 1981 to 1982, he was a visiting Associate Professor at Iowa State University, USA. Afterward, he returned to the University of Ibadan and was promoted to full professor in 1983. He served as Warden of Tedder Hall, University of Ibadan, from 1977 to 1982. He served as the Dean of Science from 1988 to 1990, and as the Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Ibadan from 1990 to 1993.

He joined Bowie State University as an Elkins Professor in 1993. His many accomplishments and service include:

  • Faculty Advisor of the Bowie State University Student Chapter, Mathematical Association of America from 1995 to 2001,

  • Chair of the Department of Mathematics at Bowie State University from 1997 to 2004,

  • Mathematics Coordinator of the Department of Natural Science and Mathematics (Spring 1997), Member of the School of Arts and  Sciences Advisory Committee for Merit Award Program (MAP) in 1997,

  • Member of the University Board of Assessment from 1998 to 2000,

  • Chair of the Departmental Rank and Tenure Committee (November 2005),

  • Chair of the Departmental Faculty Search Committee (Spring 2006),

  • Chair of the Ad-Hoc Grade Appeal Committee (Fall 2007),

  • Member of the School of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee from 2005 to 2008.


He was a member of the American Mathematical Society, New York Academy of Sciences, and Fellow Nigerian Mathematical Society. He was also a member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Mathematics and Statistics, Editorial Board African Diaspora Journal of Mathematics (ADJM), Mathematical Association of America, Editorial Board of the Abacus, a journal of the Mathematical Association of Nigeria. He served as Secretary, Acting Editor-in-Chief, and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Nigerian Mathematical Society.


Dr. Akinyele received many awards for his contributions in various spheres of life. He received the Concord Press Award for Academic Publishing in 1987. In 1993, he was awarded the Wilson H. Elkins Professorship of Mathematics, the first person to receive the award at Bowie State University. He also received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the College of Arts and Sciences from Bowie State University in 2015.


Dr. Olusola Akinyele supervised and mentored many students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He graduated ten Master of Mathematics and three Ph.D. candidates. He participated in an NSF/NASA Sponsored project titled “Science, Engineering and Mathematics Education Reform: A Model Institution for Excellence (MIE)" with six other faculty members at Bowie State University.


Dr. Akinyele published 49 journal articles, 4 books, and monographs. He was a panelist for the American National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Evaluations in 2002, 2003, and 2006. He was a Judge at the 23rd & 24th Annual Graduate Research Conference, sponsored by the Graduate Student Association of UMBC and UMB. He gave several presentations, speeches, and lectures during his lifetime.


He was a member of the Christ Apostolic Church of Nigeria, Olugbode Branch. He served as the Chairman of the board of trustees of Food Basket Foundation International (FBFI) from 1989 to 2021. He served as the President of the Ibadan Descendants’ Union, Baltimore Branch, from 2000 to 2006. He also served in various religious and educational capacities throughout his lifetime. He served as an Elder at the Christ Apostolic Church of Nigeria, a Pastor at Faith and Truth Mission Church of Jesus Christ Inc., the President of Fountain of Life Services Inc., a math tutor and mentor for the Faith and Truth Mission Church College Preparatory and SAT program, a Trustee of the Faith and Truth Mission Church of Jesus Christ Inc., a member of the Directors of Dominion Gospel Ministries, and the President of Christian Leadership Institute Incorporated.

Dr. Akinyele is survived by his older brother, his wife, children, grandchildren, many nieces and nephews, sisters-in-law, and brother-in-law. He was called to glory on Wednesday, August 18, 2021. He will be sadly missed by his family, friends, the Bowie State University community, the members of the Resurrection Church of Jesus Christ, and so many more.

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